In this whitepaper we present three approaches to creating your mobile web inventory.

We dive into the pros & cons of  each per your viewability, scale and cost needs. 

We also discuss Lazy Load and its effect on your ads and site performance. 

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This whitepaper is highly relevant for you if:

  • Viewable, engaging ad inventory in Mobile Web articles is your top priority
  • Your team is about to redesign your mobile site and its ad layout
  • You struggle with balancing positive user experience with revenue optimization

Who should read this whitepaper?

  • Product teams
  • Revenue teams
  • Direct Sales teams
  • Programmatic sales teams
  • Ad Operation teams

Among our Publishers:

Improving Ad Viewability in Mobile Web

About Browsi

Browsi harnesses the power of technology and AI to help top publishers discover new, incremental, highly viewable mobile web inventory in each and every article. The Browsi engine conducts a real-time analysis of all mobile web pages while automatically benchmarking user engagement on a page level. Discovered inventory can serve publisher’s direct/programmatic demand, or use Browsi’s.

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